blessings of the church!

“We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple” (Psalm 65:4).

When told “Let us go into the house of the Lord”, a big happiness came into the mind of David. He was thrilled by the feeling “I am going to be fed to my satisfaction. I am going to praise God through singing and dancing. I am going to worship Him. The honey of the mountain is there. The river of pleasure will quest my thirst.”

Dear children of God, whenever you go to church, never forget that God will give you the good things immeasurably. He will bless you in abundance. He will feed you with precious things of the heaven.
Once, certain weaknesses and frustrations came into the body and mind of a sister. As the life became bitter, she approached a psychologist for remedy. The doctor told her, “Just do according to what I say. You will be healed definitely. Go and attend the service at the nearby church. (She had not attended any church service till then) Whether you are able to pray or not, go and attend the church service. Whether you are able to sing or not, go and attend the church service. Go to the church five minutes in advance and sit there quietly.” She said, ‘yes’ and went home.

After one month she came back to the doctor and told him that she was not yet cured. The doctor asked her whether she had attended the church services in the past four weeks and the woman answered in the negative. The doctor became irritated and told her firmly that she will not be cured unless she followed his instructions and again asked her to attend the church services regularly. This time she went to church and attended the services. She felt the presence of God every week. The power of God touched her and she received the perfect health.

Yes. The only remedy for our soul and body is the presence of God. When you truly spend your time in his presence, freshness and divine joy fill your heart.

What a great blessing, the togetherness of the congregation brings to the children of God! When you assemble, you pray for each other and you shoulder the burden of one another. One’s testimonial experiences turn useful to others. God speaks to you through His servants. Go to church so that you are filled with the fullness of the church.

Dear children of God, let attending church services be an experience of joy to you. Come happily with the wish of getting filled with the fullness of the church.

To meditate: “Each day Jesus was teaching at the temple.” (Luke 21:37).