bless me and ……!

“Jabez cried out to God of Israel, ‘Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me” (I Chronicles 4:10).

The name ‘Jabez’ holds the meaning ‘one filled with sorrows’. We do not know what sorrow the mother of Jabez had, to name her son this way. It is natural that every mother will forget all the sorrows thus far experienced, once the child is born and its tender face is seen. But this did not happen to the mother of Jabez. She named her son as ‘Jabez’ saying ‘with sorrows I gave him birth’.

But Jabez wanted to be blessed. He did not want to get immersed in the sorrows so far experienced. He firmly resolved to get rid of all the sorrows through prayer. “When God who blesses me is alive, why should I live with sorrows? When I am having God of high as my share, why should I have a walk of sorrow in the path of tears?”

He compassionately prayed “Bless me God, let my border be expanded God, let your hand be with me, God”. The Bible says “God granted his request” (I Chronicles 4:10). Our God is not one who only hears our prayer but one who answers also. He is the one to bless you with all compassion. The blessing of this age, Spiritual blessings and the blessings of eternity are all in Him.

If you go through the Old Testament, the blessing is always related to earth, pregnancy and cattle. The blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob remained in their flocks. God had given them cows, sheep and camels in plenty.

When the Israelites inherited Canaan, that land where milk and honey flowed was a blessing to them. There, the wine was a blessing for them; olive oil was a blessing; the fig fruits were a blessing; houses and lands were a blessing. But when you come to the New Testament, factors like Salvation, anointment, gifts of the Spirit and fruits of the Spirit are the distinguishing blessings.

Dear children of God, ask God for the blessings wholeheartedly. When Jabez did so, his sorrows ceased and the blessings secreted. His borders were expanded.

When I went through the New Testament, I noticed the blessings of great value. 1. He says ‘I will give you rest’ (Mathew 11:28). 2. The keys of the Kingdom of heaven. (Mathew 16:19). 3. The strength, power and authority over the evil spirit (Luke 10:19). 4. Living water (John 4:10). 5. Eternal life (John 10:28). 6. Heavenly peace (John 14:27). How great are the blessings of God!

To meditate: “So those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith” (Galatians 3:9).