prayer life of daniel!

“Daniel went in and asked the king to give him time, that he might tell the king the interpretation.” (Daniel 2:16).

It will be so good if prayer warriors like Daniel rise in our Nation. Daniel’s prayerful life was the reason for him to be victorious all through his life. Look at this! Nebuchadnezzar who was the king of Babylon had a dream. Immediately, a law came into force and it said that all the wise men of Babylon will be slain if they were not able to define the king’s dream and its interpretation.

Daniel was also known as a wise man in Babylon. Daniel went to the king and said that he would show the king the interpretation if given more time for the purpose. He believed that the solution to the problem could be found if the presence of God is sought. Dear children of God, if you stay at the feet of the Lord during the times of tribulation, it is definite that we find deliverance. If you do not find a remedy in the presence of God, you will not get it anywhere else in the world.

A believer was an expert in the acupuncture treatment. An elderly doctor came to him for treatment. This elderly doctor had a daughter and she too was a doctor. The acupuncture expert was a specialist and was a famous doctor. At the same time, he was a believer and a person to pray too. The treatment began and within a few minutes the old person suffered breathlessness and fainted. He was almost in the last moments of his life. His daughter was frightened and she ran in search of some other doctors.

The doctor who was involved in treatment at once knelt down and told God that he was not relying on his own hands or skill. He said that he believed in God alone and saying this he lifted his hands. He did not have sufficient time to pray because the patient’s daughter who had rushed out in search of doctors may come back at any moment. He believed that God should do a miracle in that short time. The Lord listened to that prayer graciously. In a few seconds, God’s presence descended. The patient who was in the grip of death opened his eyes. He had regained the entire health.

In the same way, if Daniel had sought for more time from the king to pray, how strong his faith in God might have been! God did not allow that faith to become a waste. Since Daniel had that spirit of prayer in him God answered his prayer immediately and revealed the secret to him.

Dear children of God, whatever be the problem or struggle you may face, do not get frustrated and bogged down but pray kneeling down. Call upon God, filling with anointment. When you pray fervently holding His promises God will definitely render you the benefits. He will do the miracles.

To meditate: “He shall call upon me and I will answer him” (Psalm 91:15).