“Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you” (Hosea 10:12).

This is the time to seek God. This is the time to carry out the harvest of souls. Preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ is not enough and we have to prepare the whole nation and its entire people for His coming. This is the time to receive the latter rain by praying with all the heart and all the strength.

Though on one side this is the time to harvest, it is also the time to sow at a high speed. In China, when the seed of Salvation is sown in a person’s heart, he is saved and begins to believe Jesus Christ. The next day he receives the anointment and the day after he departs to do the ministry. Then he briskly works hard saying either he will die shedding blood or will gain people in multitude for the coming of Christ.

The prophet Isaiah raises his voice and asks to prepare the waste land ready for farming. Unprepared land is the one called as waste land. This waste land is filled with thorns, unwanted plants, grass and bushes. Even today, the situation in India is similar to the waste land. People do not have the knowledge of Christ. Our country is filled with crores of people who find no differences between their left and right hands but stays dry without revival. The families look like waste land as there is no Spirit of prayer in them. There is no plant, no creeper, no trees and no grains of wheat. They are similar to the wayside land, stony place and the land of thorns (Mathew 13:7).

At the same time there are no sufficient labourers to prepare the land or to sow the seeds or to plough it. The missionaries are not sufficient in number. Dear children of God, if you desire Revival on one side pray for the sowers. On the other side pray for true and sincere servants to rise. Plead God to provide sufficient servants for the harvest.

In the year 1903, a youth by name Evan Roberts earnestly prayed with the burden on the people of the country of Wales. He gave all his time to God and prayed with tears observing fasting. In those most of the people who lived there were mine workers. They will be toiling for the entire day in the mines and spend the earnings in all dirty amusements like gambling and other lusts. The city was completely a waste land but Evan Roberts converted it into a good land well suited for cultivation. Within six months he created three hundred prayer groups and prayed non-stop for God to create a great revival.

Suddenly the fire fell one day. The church was filled with glory. People numbering more than a lakh repented and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Yes, dear children of God, our God is not a partial God. He will make use of you also. So prepare the waste lands.

To meditate: “I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing” (Ezekiel 34:26).