jesus is our shadow!

“The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand.” (Psalm 121:5).

Look at your right hand and right side. God is standing there; stays like a support and like a sweet shadow too for you. Generally, your right hand is stronger than your left hand. Whatever we want to do we initiate to do it with our right hand. Similarly, the right hand of God will act valiantly. (Psalm 118:16). “And his right hand embraces me” (Song of Solomon 8:3). His right hand will hold his children” (Psalm 18:35).

So David said, “I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved” (Psalm 16:8). Jesus Christ who died and resurrected asked his disciples to through their net on the right side. They did so and were able to catch a huge quantity of fish.

The fear of death toiled a rich man. Since he Was not a believer he was unable to declare that God was near to him. He was afraid of what will happen if autumn bombs were showered on his home. So he decided to construct a safety room beneath his residence so that he and his family could escape such dangers. Senior scientists and famous builders combined together and constructed a big safety bungalow involving several crores of dollars.

Morris Cerullo was the servant of God who came to dedicate the new building and he said that he had a safer place than that and that too it had been constructed at a lesser cost. The rich man was surprised to hear this and he asked the servant of God, where that safety place was. The Pastor took the Bible and showed the rich man what Psalm 91:4 said. “He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” The servant of God witnessed how he had taken refuge under his wings and explained that his feathers were his shadow. The rich man was stunned to hear this description.

Since God stands on the right side, the shadow is seen. You may also understand that since the shadow is seen, the true person whose shadow is seen is should also be nearer to you. God is with you.

You need not worry about anything if God is standing on your right side. You need not get upset unnecessarily. You can receive comfort and consolation by placing all your burdens in his presence. You need not be afraid of any of your enemies. God will look after everything. He is the Lord who does everything for you.

To meditate: “Because you have been my help, therefore in the shadow of your wings I will rejoice” ((Psalm 63:7)