mouths of lions!

“….who through faith ….stopped the mouths of lions” (Hebrews 11:33)

There is some relationship between the faith and the cattle. Faith is able to overcome even the extreme anger of the roaring lions. The lions are restricted from causing any harm and their mouths are tied up.

I was reading an autobiography of an African missionary. One day suddenly a growling lion came in front of him. He was not frightened but a sweet faith began to secrete within him. In a cool voice he began to converse with it. “Dear lion, the creator of both you and me is the same. He is the one to guide us. Just like you I am in the heavenly home of God. So do not try to damage me.”

Then he looked at God and prayed “Dear God of Daniel, you are God who saved Daniel from the lion. Kindly save me also likewise.” After this prayer the lion came further nearer to him but slowly moved away without causing any harm. God has kept the life history of Daniel in the Bible exclusively for you. What was the biggest faith in him? It was nothing but that the lions will not harm him was his faith.

Because “I stood blameless before God. I have not committed any crime against the king too. My God will never let me down. Judah’s king lion is with me and so I am closing the mouth of these worldly lions in the Name of God. This lion will not harm me. God has promised “You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot”. So these lions could not hurt me. This was Daniel’s faith report.

The king who had put Daniel in the lion’s den also had strong faith in his heart. That is why the king came running to Daniel in the morning. With strong hope he asked Daniel “Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?”

Yes. The faith of both of them was powerful. So God tied the mouths of the lions. God will definitely do wonders in your life too. Dear children of God, have men raised against you like these lions? Are your own relatives roaring at you like these lions? It may appear as though you are among lions but God will tie their mouths and will not allow them to harm you.

To meditate: “You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.” (Psalm 91:13)