how to read?

“Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (Psalm 119:97).

It would have been great if every Christian knew how to inherit the Scripture and how to make it an experience. Because it is a Holy book which would guide you in the path of righteousness.

There are different types of flowers with different fragrances in the world. First we see a butterfly there. It flies beautifully and sits on some flower. Though it sits on several flowers it is not benefited through the pollen or the nectar.

Secondly there comes a girl. After going around and looking at all the flowers she plucks one and smells it. Being attracted by the beauty of the flower she wears the same in her head. Then she forgets everything and walks away.

Thirdly there comes a bee. It sits on a flower and picks the pollen and then moves deeper into the flower. There it drinks the nectar. It does not stop with drinking but carries something to its nest for the benefit of other bees and the young ones. Dear children of God, are you going to be a butterfly or the bee? Do you read the Bible with zest? Do you share what you have learnt with others and make them joyous?
Martin Luther said once “I have a feeling that I am going around a garden full of fresh fruits whenever I pick the Bible in my hands for reading. I see the Bible like an apple tree. When I shake the bottom of the stem all the ripe apples will fall down. I enjoy eating those ripe fruits.

Then I will shake a branch. My next effort will be to shake the small boughs. Similarly whenever I take the Bible I will finish reading one book fully and then begin to meditate chapter after chapter. Then I will begin to taste verse after verse like eating apple after apple. It is very useful to my spiritual life”. Only when you love reading the Bible, the interest to read will arise in you.

You will get the interest and thirst only when you come to know the benefits you get by reading the Bible and the blessings you achieve. It is sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb. It is greater than even the pure gold. David read and meditated the Bible and he benefited in Christ.

To meditate: But the word of the Lord endures forever.” Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you” (I Peter 1:25).